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Tarmac is a great alternative to more traditional methods of paving, being hard wearing and cost effective it is suitable for your driveway, forecourt or can be used for paths. Available in a choice of colours to fit in with your surroundings it is good for areas to be trafficked by vehicles. The most popular colour choices are red or black.

L Murphy Construction Ltd are professional bitmac driveway installers. We fully prepare the area to be tarmacced as Bitumac cannot be laid over cracked or joined surfaces as this will result in the new surface failing. We ensure all surfaces are clean and free of organic material before we commence any work. Without proper preparation your driveway will suffer from 'reflective cracking' often found when workmen have cut corners.

We are able to take on all sizes of projects from domestic homes to commercial premises.

For more information or frienldly advice please contact L Murphy Construction Ltd on 0800 280 0496.